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  • TVN24 Biznes i Świat

Anna Garwolinska in discussion with Emilian Kaminski and host of the program - Marek Tejchman about kids and whether tehey should or shouldn't work in their childhod and why people like to be scared.


  • TVN24 Biznes i Świat

President of Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultnats in discussion about economic situation in USA and FED


  • TVN24 Biznes i Świat

Anna Garwolinska (CEO of Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultants) in conversation with Piotr Kuczyński about EU and Russian sanctions.



  • TVN24 Biznes i Świat

CEO of Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultants about denunciations, rituals and contemporary men.



  • Superstacja
Wednesday, 06 August 2014

Anna Garwolinska on Superstacja

Anna Garwolińska on Superstacja about the phenomenon of Lewandowscy marriage.


14.08.06 - Superstacja Lewandowski

  • TVN24 Biznes i Świat
Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Anna Garwolinska on TVN24 "Indeks"

Anna Garwolinska (CEO of Glaubicz Garwolinska Consultants) in conversation with Piotr Kuczyński (Xelion) about UE and Russia sanctions.



  • TVN24 Biznes i Świat

Anna Garwolinska on Indeks about European Union.



  • Superstacja
Thursday, 26 June 2014

Agata Laskowska on Superstacja

 Agata Laskowska for Superstacja about social campaign prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs "Sad Bus".

14.06.26-Superstacja Agata